SOFie users can view information about transactions for accounts and CANs. These transactions are downloaded from the Data Warehouse and are as up-to-date as the last download (Complete as Of date in the green header bar).

The Display Transactions Screen

In the Transactions screen, you can drill down to specific transactions, and can refine the overview shown in the transaction list.

Reaching the Display Transactions Screen

The most efficient way to reach the Display Transactions screen is from the Account Structure screen. Find the account or account group whose transactions you would like listed, checkmark the account, then click the display transactions button:

Reaching the Transaction Details Screen

Once at the Display Transactions screen, to see more detail about a specific transaction, click on a blue Document Number:

Clicking on a Document Number in the Display Transactions screen brings up the transaction detail for that document, along with a list of related transactions. SOFie relates the transactions by root document number.