Budget Module

Viewing, Adding, and Modifying Budgets

The Budget Module provides a summary or plan of the intended revenues and expenditures of an account and it's sub-accounts. SOFie users with appropriate priveleges can enter budgets and use this module for planning purposes.

There are multiple ways to reach the Budgets Module from the Account Structure screen. One way is to click on the amount in question, under the "Budget" column. If the "Budgets" column is not displayed on your Account Structure screen, you can add it by customizing your column preferences. You can also reach the Display Budgets screen by going to the Account Summary screen for an account, and clicking on the green "Budget" tab at the upper-right hand of the screen. Or on the Account Summary screen, click on the blue dollar amount in the "Total" row under the "Budget Limit" column in the corner box in the upper-right hand portion of the screen.

Once in the Display Budgets screen, you see a list of OO budget data for the selected account and its sub-accounts. If your user profile allows you to see PS data, then by default both OO and PS budget data will appear on the Display Budgets screen.