Projections Module

Viewing, Adding, Editing, and Deleting Projections

The projections module is the gateway for viewing, adding, editing, and deleting projections. Projections are entered at the CAN level for a particular Allocation Category and for a specific month. For example, a user knows that in May, their institute will spend $2,000 on new servers from a specific vendor. A user can enter this projection in the Projections Module, and be able to plan their budget accordingly. At the account level , the user would enter that in the Month of May, $2,000 would be distributed to a known vendor for "Equipment" (an allocation category). These individual entries are then summed up into monthly totals for the CAN and other higher level accounts.

There are many features of the Projections Module, including:

  1. The Monthly Projections by Allocation Category page

  2. Projection Details by Sub-Account

  3. The Projection Details screen

    1. Editing or Deleting a Projection

    2. Reconciling Projections

  4. Creating New Projections