Administration & Settings: Your SOFie User Profile

In the context of SOFiE, a "user" is a person with a SOFiE user ID. A user's profile shows the basic SOFiE related information available for that user.

Standard User:

A standard SOFie user has the capacity to access and modify all available screens in the system. By default, standard SOFie users have limited access and no modification rights, in accordance with NIH security procedures. Standard users must be granted access to one or more views and then granted module access by administrators as appropriate .

Focus User:

The focus user profile was created with Lab Managers in mind, as an easy way for them to review their current balance of accounts. Since a typical Lab has only one Appropriation CAN, and possibly a Royalty, CRADA or GIFT Fund CAN, the views to which Focused users may be granted access are only allowed to contain CANís, not summary accounts. It is anticipated that the Lab manager will opt to specify the Account Summary page as their SOFie home page, thus seeing a quick overview of their balance of accounts immediately upon logging into SOFie. And unlike regular users who may be granted access to update Allocations, Projections, Budgets, and View Structures, Focused users are always READ ONLY.