Introduction to SOFie

Status of Funds, Internet edition (SOFiE) is a powerful web-based application that provides advanced financial reporting and analysis functionality to government clients. SOFiE gives organizations distributed budgeting and planning tools, custom budget category views, drill-downs for detailed spending analysis, and a powerful Excel interface. SOFiE’s Excel interface allows for the development of spreadsheets using custom functions that extract real-time expenditure, budget, and planning data from the SOFiE databases.

SOFiE offers a range of features which can be used to optimize financial planning:

  • The customizable Account Structure Screen lists a summary overview of an organization's various summary and CAN accounts, as applicable.
  • The Transaction Details page gives you access to detailed information about transactions from the data warehouse for the current year or for previous years. This information is linked to your SOFie summary data and is manipulable on SOFie screens. You can drill down to the CAN level or roll up to the summary account level to view summary or specific transaction information. Transaction data is downloaded daily from the data warehouse in a quick manner and it is not required that users exit the system.
  • Itemized listings are available for each account level and sub-level. You can find the data you need on specific transactions, or a summary of account expenses listed by spending class (Object Class code).
  • SOFie lets you group, categorize, and track budget data with expense data, and check CAN budgets against IC appropriation and allotment-level budgets.

Two main screens are the primary entry points to SOFie's function sets.

    The Account Structure screen is where users choose which of their accounts to work with and drill down into the sub-levels of an account's allocations, obligations, transactions, etc. There is also the option to go directly to the Account Summary for a particular account when you log in, bypassing the Account Structure view entirely.

    The Administration and Settings screen shows your user profile and, depending on your level of SOFie permissions, has menu tabs for managing budgets, views, and SOFie user groups and IDs, as well as utilities for managing object class codes and document categories. If your user profile does not include permissions beyond "read-only", you will not see these options on your screen.

On-line Help is always available for any screen in SOFie; just click the "Help" link on the green header bar at the top of the screen.

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