Administration & Settings: Utilities Tab
Utilities Tab

The Utilities tab appears in the "Administration & Settings" section of SOFie only for users who are given permission in their user profile as an administrator. A user can only be given permission as a SOFie administrator by another SOFie administrator.

To access the Utilities tab, first either click the Administration icon from the Global Application Links or on your username from the green header bar. From the "Administration & Settings" screen, you will see the Utilities tab in the far right-hand side of the screen.

Clicking on the Utilities tab takes you to the System Utilities screen. The tools on this page are very powerful and enable administrators of SOFie to make configuration, system, and data changes. This page also offers different tools for summarizing the past fiscal year.

From the System Utilities screen you can:

Toward the end of the Fiscal Year, it is often times important for users to be able to Summarize the past FY. The System Utilities screen offers these capabilities. From this screen you can also:

  • Summarize Actuals, monthly and YTD, for ALL CANs into summary accounts

  • Summarize YTD Actuals from monthly amounts

  • Re-calibrate accounts structure to views

  • Summarize Allocations for all CANs into summary accounts

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